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"...God Is The One Who Chooses Our Rulers"

Indeed? Then god is insane.

This demented quotation comes from one of the looniest (and dirtiest) political figures I've seen in a long time - Katherine Harris of Florida. She utters the statement above in an interview with The Florida Baptist Witness.

Here are some excerpts:
Why are you the best qualified candidate?
".....And I think that I have a history that proves I'm not going to do what'’s popular. I am going to do what'’s right.
-apparently what the population feels is good, isn't. Luckily she's there to set them straight.

Some day all of us have to give an account before God for what we have done. Are you certain in your own heart that when you come thathat point of accounting that you'll spend eternity before God in heaven?
"No question."

One day when you stand before God, and if He says to you "Why should I let you into my Heaven?" What would you say in response?
"That'’s an interesting question. Because I loved Your Son and because I know He died for my sins. I know He was resurrected at Your right hand and I served Him. You know we'’re covered with, our sins are covered with His blood and so we are blameless before Him. We are as white as snow."
-notice there's only one reference to love, and nothing else like forgiveness, charity, peace, or all those other groovy things Jesus talked about. Also, inherently racist.

What role do you think people of faith should play in politics and government?
.....and over time, that lie we have been told, the separation of church and state, people have internalized,.....God is the one who chooses our rulers."
-Ha ha ha ha ha ha. What can you do but laugh? Hey Kathy, READ THIS. If people who place religious priorities over all others are elected to office then religion defacto becomes the state. Since elected officials set policy (theoretically at least) government becomes a tool for religion. It's not complicated.

Do you support civil rights protections on the basis of sexual preference?
Civil rights have to do with individual rights and I don'’t think they apply to the gay issues."
-a disingenuous question and an inane answer.

What public policy limits on abortion have you supported or will you support in order to decrease the number of abortions in our nation?

First and foremost, one of the most important things we can do is encourage abstinence in the schools......Clearly I would only, from a public policy standpoint, I would limit abortion to rape and life of the mother and incest, but for my personal standpoint, I would not have an abortion for any of those cases."
-Hello? Birth control? And her personal standpoint, as she makes clear in her earlier statements, are what drives her political agenda.

Why should Florida Baptist care about this primary election?
"If you are not electing Christians, tried and true, under public scrutiny and pressure, if you'’re not electing Christians then in essence you are going to legislate sin."
-Thats right, scare people into voting for you.

What a freak! I've never been to Florida, but they sure do seem to produce the wackiest politicians.

-Note: orginally this read as her being from Texas, but I've been corrected. Although Texas has their fair share of embarassing public servants as well.


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10:07 PM

You are quite forgiven for this being a Canadian, but Katherine Harris is from the wacky state of Florida. As far as which is wackier, Texas or Florida, it's really a toss up. Nice blog, good writing, good design. I'm going to blogroll you in the name of neighborliness.  

12:33 AM

Now, look, dang it, I'm from Texas, and I can assure you we've had some real nutbars in government. Hell, we joke down here that the best free (and freak) show in Texas is a session of the Legislature.

I mean, in what other place would government reps invite a mini-skirted college drill team into the legislative chamber, to spell out R-E-F-O-R-M with their butts?

But we've had some great pols, too. Like Sam Rayburn. Like Ralph Yarborough. Like Jim Hightower. Or even LBJ, who was a mean S-O-B, but he did more to reduce poverty and improve the plight of minorities in this country in one term than had been accomplished in the entire history of the Republic to that point.

We're not all bad down here. Honest. I'm sure y'all have some wackos up there in Canada. They're everywhere, to be honest.  

4:24 PM

Yeah we have some nutjobs up here as well. Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister, is cut from the same cloth as GWB.

And I stand corrected - She's from florida.  

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