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My Roommate Ry

My roommate Ry has a musical project called Deerfoot. It's killer stuff. I'd try to describe it to you but I would just write myself in circles. Your best bet is to check it out yourself. Elves On Patrol is my favorite (see website for previews of the whole record).

I bring this up for a reason. About two years ago, Ry started his project. He had fantastic musicians lined up, we had the basement all tricked real studio-like (my other roommate at the time, Zippy, had just bought a great home studio setup), and he was ready to record. Myself and Zip were to engineer. The session went great. We recorded for about a week and got great takes of all the tunes. Everybody was groovin.

We recorded everything to hard disk, and the drives were getting pretty full, so I decided to check for unneeded stuff taking up space. In the process I deleted the ENTIRE session. A week of work (not counting the months of preparation - and all the musicians used were from out of town) down the drain. POOF.

After numerous attempts at data recovery with many different companies, of which none could do ANYTHING (has anyone ever used one of these services successfully?), we had to accept that it was gone forever.

How bad do you think I felt?

But Ry, being one of the best kind of people you could know, was undeterred (and amazingly non-violent) and so the Deerfoot you hear is the second, successful attempt, not foiled by me, of his at producing an album.

And it turned out great.

Gotta say that my roommate Ry is a stand up kind of a guy.
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