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So, Whats Fukin New?

The FKN NEWZ is brilliant. Check out the video.

There's a bit about nuclear weapons testing in the atmosphere, which got me to thinking about nuclear weapons testing in general.
I came across the Nuclear Weapon Archive website, and the Gallery of Nuclear Tests page, in which the disastrous public health effects are shown to be well known.
What is probably the most important study of the health effects of testing were announced by the National Cancer Institute in August of 1997
he basic finding of the report is that internal exposures to radioiodine (I-131) in fallout from continental nucelar testing was the most serious health consequence. Radioiodine concentrates in milk when consumed by cows when grazing, and then concentrates in human thyroid glands when contaminated milk is ingested. This concentration effect is especially strong in children. The NCI study estimates that the average American alive at the time received a thyroid radiation exposure of 2 rads, with some people receiving up to 300 rads. The effect of these exposures is to boost the chance of contracting thyroid cancer some time during a lifetime. This cancer is normally not very rare, and is highly treatable (as cancers go). It is possible to estimate the overall effect of the total radiation exposure of the American population. From the 380 million person-rads of total exposure roughly 120,000 extra cases of thyroid cancer can be expected to develop, resulting in some 6,000 deaths. For comparison, the worst industrial disaster in history (Bhopal, India; 3 December 1984) killed about 3000 people and injured 150,000.

Predictably, the study was stalled and hidden for years before it's release.

But I really wanted to know what the effects of nuclear explosions have on the atmosphere or stratosphere. I found this report made by the (currently completely ignored) US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in 1975. Some interesting facts:
A number of other surprises were encountered during 30 years of nuclearweapons development. For example, what was probably man's most extensive modification of the global environment to date occurred in September 1962,when a nuclear device was detonated 250 miles above Johnson Island. The1.4-megaton burst produced an artificial belt of charged particles trapped in the earth's magnetic field. Though 98 percent of these particles were removed by natural processes after the first year, traces could be detected 6 or 7 years later. A number of satellites in low earth orbit at the time of the burst suffered severe electronic damage resulting in malfunctions and early failure. It became obvious that man now had the power to make long term changes in his near-space environment.

The Earth's magnetic field is fairly important, it shields us from solar radiation that, if the earth were exposed to it, would make all life impossible. Earth would eventually look like Mars.
Probably the most serious threat is cesium-137, a gamma emitter with an half-life of 30 years. It is a major source of radiation in nuclear fallout, and since it parallels potassium chemistry, it is readily taken into the blood of animals and men and may be incorporated into tissue.
Sweet. No need for those costly mineral supplements anymore.

But seriously, when we hear discussions on global warming, nuclear testing is never brought up. But clearly it has had a devastating effect on the earth's ecosystem. With the US alone having conducted at least 1100 nuclear tests between 1945 and '92, with who knows how many officially uncounted, globally there must have been thousands of explosions, both on the ground and in the atmosphere.

Just for an exclamation point:
...the possibility of a serious increase in ultraviolet radiation has been added to widespread radioactive fallout as a fearsome consequence of the large-scale use of nuclear weapons.

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